A delicious raw soup


Raw soups are super easy to make and are extremely healthy for you. But in the past when I tried to make raw soups they never tasted great and I was always disappointed. Lately I have been trying to incorporate more fresh (raw) foods into our diet and decided to give raw soups another try. I found this recipe online and decided to try it because of the simple ingredients that I had all on hand. This time I was not disappointed and it tasted great! Sashenka loved it and surprisingly so did my belle-mère (mother in law sounds prettier in French then it does in Russian or English, meaning ‘beautiful mother’). This soup had a lot of flavor and tasted great being room temp. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Serves 2

½ head spinach leaves, washed
½ cucumber, peeled
1 tomato, in wedges
¼ cup water
1 avocado
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons nama shoyu or soy sauce
½ teaspoon sea salt
dash cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Bon appétit!


A Sweet Snack


I tried to make these Apple Rosemary Oat Bars. Even though they require baking, which I do not enjoy, the combination of apple and rosemary seamed enticing. I was not disappointed about the flavor paring but they turned out way to sweet for my taste. I used less honey then called for and they were still to sweet. But give them a try and tell me what you think. Make them the night before, and they will go great with a cup of tea in the morning for a quick breakfast.

One reason why doctors know little about vitamins and nutrition.

Ever wonder why your doctor knows so little about vitamins and is always ready to dive you some type of drug?

Here is an article explaining why: Public Library Censors Nutritional Research: U.S. National Library of Medicine is Biased and Taxpayers Pay for It

Very interesting article how the Medical Journal Database that we pay for with our tax money is censored.

Coconut Mango Smoothie


No dairy but creamy and sweet!

1 young coconut
1.5 mangos
1 frozen banana

Crack open a hole on top of the young coconut and pour out the water. Then split the coconut in half. Sashenka used a small ax for this task but you can also use a butcher knife. Be careful not to spill the coconut water inside while you are at it. Combine the coconut water, half of the coconut flesh, mangos, and frozen banana in a blender and blend.
Made two drinks for Sashenka and I, but this could be for one super large drink.

Dessert for Breakfast

Dessert for breakfast? Thats what I had this morning. But this Chocolate Pudding (or Chococado Pudding as FatFreeVegan calls it) is so healthy and good for you that its even hard to categorize it as a dessert! But it is tastes amazing and is hard to believe it is that good for you!

I was inspired by this and this recipe and came up with something in between based on what I had in the kitchen.

1 avocado (b/c i didn’t have two, I would have made more!)

5 Tbs raw cacao powder

7 Tbs almond milk

4 Tbs maple syrup (or agave )

1 Tbs coconut oil

Blend everything together until smooth and refrigerate until chilled. Serve over a banana sprinkled with frozen raspberries and raw almond slivers.  But really refrigerate it because it tastes so much better when chilled. I was impatient and sat down right away to enjoy it but took it back to the freezer for couple of minutes while I uploaded the picture of it. And it tastes significantly better. Also maybe a drop of lemon juice would have tasted great. But i went back and added more raspberries then shown in the picture and they added just the right amount of tartness to my healthy breakfast dessert!

Home births, Midwives, Hospitals

Random birth resources that helped us.

These two movies are very interesting and informative to watch for anyone who is pregnant. They helped us make our decision on home birth. In my opinion, both movies are open minded and help people see the other side that is mostly hidden.



You can probably find these movies on YouTube.

Earlier in our research about conventional vs. alternative medicine I stumbled on the article, Death by Medicine. It opened my eyes to what goes on in hospitals. I realized that a lot of malpractice happens because we as patients allow this to happen. We let conventional medicine get away with unnecessary deaths party because we do not ask questions and blindly believe everything we are told.

But anyways back to birth and pregnancy. . .

Another resource that I enjoyed while pregnant was Dr. Andrew Saul’s Pregnancy and Lactation. Except I do not think that the book that he mentions about brestfreeding is a good book. It is saturated with the idea of building a child centered home starting with breast feeding.

Baby Wise, on the other hand, is a better alternative. I enjoy the fact that in this book the main idea is that a husband and wife are an established family and a baby enters the family. Not – a family is created when a baby is born. It is also written from a Christian world view of children. Not like the previous book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which feels like it is written from a Marxist point of view.

Of course there were a lot of other resources that have influenced our decisions. From numerous other books and articles to personal testimonies of people around us on both home and hospital births that I hope t share later. These are just a few off the top of my head.

If you have any interesting information about home births please share in the comments below!

Peaches and Not Cream Oatmeal

Steel cut oats, fresh peaches, raw almonds, and maple syrup = a delicious breakfast! It is quick to make and packed with nutrients that will energize you throughout the day!


1/4 cup Steel Cut Oats

3/4 cup water

1-2 fresh peaches

1 Tbsp 100% Maple Syrup

Raw Almond for topping

Bring water to boil and add steel cut oats. Add diced peaches with some left over for garnish. Reduce heat, cover and cook for 5-7 min. Serve in a bowl with maple syrup, peaches and almonds! And have a great morning!


Kitchen Renovation Update: We finally have a working sink/faucet/dishwasher!!!