Documentary about vaccines


This is a very interesting documentary about vaccines. What I like about this documentary is it’s rational thinking and open-mindedness. It shows both sides of the debate for people. It argues for letting parents make a decision on their own. A phrase that is repeated multiple times in the movie is “Give us the science and give us the choice”.

Since we now have the responsibility of a new life this is very relevant to us.

If you see this documentary, let me know what you think. And one more question for the day: Would you/did you vaccinate your child?




Brie and Pumpernickel

Today I decided to experiment with a combination of Brie cheese and Pumpernickel bread. Surprisingly the pair works and I ended up with two tasty sandwiches.

The first one is a more savory sandwich with hummus and onions.

~ Pumpernickle bread

~ Hummus

~ Brie Cheese

~ Butter lettuce

~ Onion

I like the bread toasted so I toasted my two slices first. Then spread both sides of bread with hummus and then add onions, lettuce, and slices of Brie Cheese.

This sandwich is a sweeter sandwich that would go well with tea!

~ Pumpernickel bread

~ Brie cheese

~ Pecans

~ Apple

~ Apricot preserve

Again I toasted both pieces of bread and spread apricot preserve on them. Then layered Brie and two thin slices of apple and added crumbled pecans. Enjoy!

My first week in the real world.

My first week in this new world and what a week it has been!

I had breakfast in bed with mom…

…Made a lot of new friends…

…I even went tanning…

…and in the few days that I have been here, already I was able to leave my foot print in this world!…

…And what about my three main duties so far? Eat, Poop, Sleep. Sleep what heavenly bliss!

Our finished kitchen!

Well almost…

We just need to buy a table and paint the laundry doors.

But other then those two things we are done! It took us about 1 1/2 months to complete and this was a 100% diy! From putting together the kitchen cabinets to making the bubble chandelier. Sashenka demolished everything and installed all of the tile. He painted and installed all of the lighting. He made the counter tops and installed them as well. It took a lot of hard work and patience but it finally paid off.

Some of my favorite things about this kitchen are:

1. The range hood! It sucks all hot air and odors outside! This prevents the kitchen from heating up and our house smelling with whatever we cooked that day. I absolutely love it! Along with the hood, I love all of the lighting in the kitchen.

2. Not technically part of the kitchen, the laundry closet. Sashenka made custom shelves wich add a ton of storage space.

3. I LOVE our floors! Everything about them, the color, size, shape, and texture. They even have tiny sparkles in them that you can see at night when light is shining on it.

4. Maybe my favorite part of the design is our bubble chandelier! We made it ourselves after being inspired by this one. We had a lot of fun putting it together and it cost us ten times less.

5. We added a ‘pantry’ to our kitchen out of tall cabinets. Our previous kitchen was seriously lacking space and we came up with this solution for more space. Oh! and how can I forget the high gloss brilliantine white cabinets!

6. Glass! Glass! Glass! I love the glass backslash that Sashenka installed! The sharp rectangular tile and the bubble tile complement each other nicely!

7. I once heard that hardware are jewelry to a kitchen. I could not agree more! I love these shiny accessories.

8. Last but not least, my most favorite part (I think I’v said that before), are the concert counter-tops. They are durable but not bulky. We wanted them to be thin but had to make sure they would not brake. Thus we used fiberglass reinforced concrete.  I love the sleek look that it adds to the whole kitchen!

This is how the kitchen looked before:

Chia Seed Smoothie

I just realized how hard it is to come up with names for posts or recipes for that matter. How would you name this smoothie?

It consists of:

1 Banana

1 Mango

2 Tbsp Frozen Bluberries

Handful of Spinach

2 Tsp of Chia Seeds

2 Tsp of Coconut Oil

1 1/2 C Almond Milk

Blend all ingredients in blender. Enjoy!

This is not a super sweet smoothie and make sure that the mango is ripe in order for it to have some sweetness. This smoothie is Sashenka approved. He is not a big fan of most of my smoothies. But he did enjoy the subtle flavors of the blended ingredients.

Buckwheat Crepes or Blinchiki

Good Morning! I woke up this morning and it was raining outside! I love it when it rains, especially in the morning! I made a cup of hot red rooibos tea and these delicious crepes! Praise God for such a wonderful morning!

I tried to make a healthy version of crepes/blinchiki using buckwheat flour instead of white refined flour. I absolutely  love traditional blinchiki and can eat a whole bunch of them without any filling or spread. Which is not the healthiest thing considering that they consist of mostly white flour, milk, and sugar. So if I’m going to indulge in something it might as well be good for me! Right? I used this recipe for my crepes and they turned out okay. Or should I say, Sashenka LOVED them and said they tasted better then the original but for me they were a tad bit bitter. But maybe it’s just my hormones messing with my taste buds (I am 5 days away from my due date…).

The first time I attempted to make blinchiki on a stainless steel pan it was a nightmare! I ruined a WHOLE batch of batter and did not have a single edible blinchik. This time I didn’t end up with a ‘первый блин комам’ or the second or third! I didn’t ruin a single blinchik! The secrete: to refrigerate the batter for more than two hours (I let mine refrigerate overnight). And the other trick is to heat the pan vary slowly. I am extremely glad that they turned out well. I was afraid that I would not be able to make a single blinchik again because we do not use teflon coated pans.

I did make one savory version and one sweet one. The savory one had egg and cheese, onion, mushroom, spinach and bell pepper in it. While, the sweet one was sour cream with strawberries and a tiny bit of sugar.