Brie and Pumpernickel

Today I decided to experiment with a combination of Brie cheese and Pumpernickel bread. Surprisingly the pair works and I ended up with two tasty sandwiches.

The first one is a more savory sandwich with hummus and onions.

~ Pumpernickle bread

~ Hummus

~ Brie Cheese

~ Butter lettuce

~ Onion

I like the bread toasted so I toasted my two slices first. Then spread both sides of bread with hummus and then add onions, lettuce, and slices of Brie Cheese.

This sandwich is a sweeter sandwich that would go well with tea!

~ Pumpernickel bread

~ Brie cheese

~ Pecans

~ Apple

~ Apricot preserve

Again I toasted both pieces of bread and spread apricot preserve on them. Then layered Brie and two thin slices of apple and added crumbled pecans. Enjoy!


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