Two month update on EC

Aurelius Christmas 2012

Aurelius is two and a half months old and we have been practicing Elimination Communication (EC) with him. Of course people, who know us, now think we have officially lost it! 🙂 I do not blame them. I didn’t believe that this actually works until I tried it! A two month old CAN control his pee and poo!

For those that are lost at what EC is this one and this one and this one are all great posts that explain what it is. And you can find a lot more if you Google ‘Elimination Communication’.

At the end of my pregnancy I was looking into different diapering options and ran into EC. I was intrigued but though it would be the hardest thing to do. Constantly holding your baby over the toilet and begging them to pee or poop. I was determined to try it but didn’t think that I would have enough patients to do it. After Aurelius was born I again googled at what age you can start and a lot of people recommend from birth. So the first time that we held him over the potty was when he was ten days old. And that was the start of our journey.

Since then we had good days where very few diapers were used and not so good days where only diapers were used. But it is always a thrill to catch a poo or a pee. (Yes I’m excited about a baby pooping 🙂 ) Our record has been three days with no poopy diaper – all in the potty. We have more success when we stay home. It is a lot harder when we are out. I guess a lot has to do with the fact that it’s so cold and I hate going into public bathrooms with him. I rather change his diaper in the car or in his bassinet. I so can’t wait till its summer he defiantly will be without diapers outside. Also we have a harder time catching his pees then poops. Any advice from anyone who has mastered this?

That said, this is our two month EC update. And the latest news is that Aurelius used the potty twice for #2 this morning! So far a good start for today’s day.


Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Probably not the healthiest side dish but I had to try them. For two reasons: One, I have never tried fried green tomatoes and my curiosity was killing me about how something like this tastes. Two we just cleaned out our garden and their were still a lot of green tomatoes on the vine that I felt bad about throwing away. I used this recipe except we did not have any cornmeal and I left that out (which I would not recommend doing). Next year I will be ready and try them with cornmeal.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of the sourness and fried batter. Another surprise was that some of the tomatoes turned yellow from the heat. That was pretty cool!