Our Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor 2012

A little late…

Our Christmas decorations were all DIY. Sashenka and I had a great time making and setting everything up. Some things worked out and some didn’t. The wreath from peppermint candy was not a great idea, for example, because it did not last even two days. From the cold humid weather the paint ran and the whole door was sticky and the wreath looked ugly. We ended up throwing it away. The hanging ornament tree, on the other hand, turned out nice. We still had the Christmas tree smell in the house from the evergreen garland on the mental. We made the garland from free clippings from Home Depot and pine branches from our back yard. To display our Christmas cards, I hung a red ribbon with a weight at the bottom and taped the cards on it. All in all, I’m quite happy how everything turned out.

The instructions for how to make this tree are found here. We just used a little bit more ornaments and made our own circular net thing on the top, which was also wider thus resulting in a ‘fatter’ tree.