Coconut Oil Scrub



Happy New Year!

Today I woke up with rather dry skin. I wanted to wash my face but knew that even if I use plain water it would feel even dryer. Usually I do not have dry skin and lately love the way it feels. So I do not have a long routine of doing things to may face like I used to. Over the past three years I learned that what you put in your body will show up on your face/skin. Thus I have focused on a healthy diet versus a rigorous skin care routine. I have learned that the less I torture my skin with chemicals the better it will look. So far this has worked for me and I hope it will continue to stay this way. Back to dry-skin-this-morning: I did not want to put just the coconut oil on my face and wanted some kind or scrub that would not dry my face up even more. I know a lot of people use sugar and coconut oil as a scrub. But that would have been too tough for my face. Coconut oil and sugar are amazing as a body scrub in a hot steamy shower!!! But sugar feels too harsh on my face. So I Goggled ‘coconut oil scrub’ and found that you can use backing soda. Baking soda is a lot softer and worked great! I mixed a teaspoon of melted coconut oil with backing soda to a pasty like consistency. Then gently rubbed my face with it and washed it off with warm water. The oil did not wash off all the way so I just massage it into the skin. Make sure to wash all of the baking soda off so it won’t burn or irritate your skin.

Overall, I did not like the feeling of backing soda on my skin and it stings a little. Maybe next time I will try arrowroot powder instead. But my skin did feel soft and moisturized with the oil. I absolutely love coconut oil!


3 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Scrub

  1. Yummy! I have baking soda in my bathroom, I’ve gone ‘no poo’ (shampoo) over the past few weeks and been using that! Can’t wait to try the coconut oil scrub! i use coconut oil on everything, even rashes for the baby!

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