Sleeping through the night

collage dec 2012

Wow Aurelius slept 7 hrs and then 5 hrs. To be exact, 6 hrs and 46 min and then 4 hrs and 55 min. At 10:39 pm was when he last nursed and fell asleep to sleep 7 hrs. Then I nursed him and held him to pee and he went back to sleep. Actually he didn’t even wake up. He kept his eyes closed and was dead weight the whole time. Overall he sleeps well at night and never cries or wakes up. He just starts moving and grunting or sucking his fists and we hear him and feed him.
We never aimed at trying to make him sleep the whole night through or make him sleep more. It’s just because we do not have a strict sleeping schedule our selves (maybe something to consider changing in the New Year). We do not co sleep and we do not follow a feeding/sleeping regiment either. He eats every 2-3 hrs and I put him down to sleep whenever I see that he is about to get tiered. If he is tiered and wants to sleep then it’s harder for him to fall asleep. He then cries himself to sleep even if I’m holding him. But if we calm down and stop playing before he gets tiered then he coos himself to sleep and those are the most precious moments ever!


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