Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potato


This is the best tasting stuffed potato that I have ever tasted. Sweet or regular, vegetarian or not, twenty times better than the sour cream, butter, and cheese stuffed potatoes!!! And that was my favorite. Until now! When I tried it I was not starving hungry (everything tastes good when you are hungry). Sashenka dislikes sweet potatoes. He approached them very open-mindedly and has tried about 5 different recipes that I have made but still did not like the taste of the sweetness in a potato. When I was baking the potatoes, Sashenka stated he will not be having any and proceeded to reheat borscht and make pasta for himself. When I finished crafting my masterpiece, Sashenka had already eaten a bowl of borscht and stated that he will try a bit of my sweet yam. I told him not to touch it until it had its photo shoot. But sensing that he will like it I proceeded to make him one too. By the time I stuffed his potato, he had finished eating his meal. After his first bite he was pleasantly surprised that he liked the stuffed sweet potato and humbly admitted that it was delicious. He went on to finish the potato after he was full! It was that good.

So here are the toppings:

Baked sweet potato

Sauteed red onion with broccoli

Tomato basil hummus

Diced fresh tomato

Kalamata olives


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