Spring! Or not.


I could not resist adding the ladybug to the picture. We have a lady bug living in our house now for about two months and it is pretty neat to watch her. Also we will be buying some ladybugs in the spring for our garden as pest control. I can’t wait and will tell you all about it! Saturday we had freezing rain and ice. I did not poke my nose outside all day. Sashenka had to work the whole day. But for brunch I did have this dish and it felt like spring, at least inside. And no that is not Ossetra caviar (I wish), its Tangkorn seaweed topping from IKEA. It has a very mild salty taste. The Rye crisp bread is also from IKEA.

Rye crisp bread

Hard boiled eggs


Seaweed topping


Spread mayo on the crisp bread and top with slices of hardboiled egg and seaweed toping and a little bit of sea salt. I wilt spinach my adding a drop of olive oil and water to a pan and a whole bag of spinach and cook until wilted seasoning with sea salt and a few drizzles of lemon juice.


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