Attempting to sew

first sewing crafts

New Years, New Skills. So I decided to learn how to sew. And these are my first three projects. Baby underwear, baby corduroyed pants, and a fold up tote. I also made Sashenka a Valentine’s gift but that I will not share 🙂 . I had a lot of fun making these and was surprised at how well they turned out. I didn’t even buy any fabric except for the white doted one on the tote. All the other fabric came from clothes that we do not wear and I did not throw/give away yet.

I first made the tote using this and this tutorial combined. I wanted to make a simple tote but when I looked for tutorials I was torn by the numerous gorgeous totes there are. I started making the first because I loved the idea that you can fold it up and the button is adorable. But then I wanted my tote to have lining because I did not have the straightest cuts or seams and wanted to line my tote and found the later tutorial.

Next I made baby boy underwear. I wanted to go and buy some cute boy underwear for our almost 4 month old because we EC but realized that they do not make underwear for baby boys. You can find some cute girl ‘diaper covers’ but no practical functional underwear for a baby to be in. And I guess that’s because there is no demand on underwear for babies. Most kids are not potty trained till four years of age, but that’s another story. Long story short, I found this tutorial online but re-sized the pattern to Aurelius’ measurements. They fit just right and even have a real fly.

Lastly I made him pants from a pair of my pants that ripped. It’s a stretchy corduroy fabric and in a sapphire deep blue color. I made my own pattern and even figured out a way how to make a hem. They are nice and warm and perfect for the winter months.

I was inspired to start sewing after we finally brought in the sewing machine that Sashenka’s mother gave us. It is an antique and very fascinating. I will post about it in another post. Till then, do you sew? Have you attempted sewing before? How did that go for you? Comment below!


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