7 month EC update


7 months update on EC: I know that there is a huge gap between my last update and know but I did write more than 3 page essay for a five month update but I did not save it before publishing and it was lost. I was very frustrated but that’s life and things happen. So here is the 7 months update on EC…

When is a child considered potty trained? One person online said “A child is considered FULLY potty trained when there are NO accidents during the day”. Some people consider being potty trained when a child asks to go to the potty before he makes an accident. And then there are others who say a child goes to the bathroom by himself when he needs to go. Well Aurelius is only 7 months and he can’t walk, so he can’t take himself to the bathroom but he does communicate that he needs to go and we also have whole days when he stays dry and even sleeps through the night dry. Thus, I do not know when we will pronounce him ‘potty trained’ but we don’t believe that is the main point for now.

We would generally have on and off days where, for example, he would be dry for two days straight and pee in his diaper on the third day or one wet diaper every two days. But the past three days he has been completely dry and out of four nights he had one wet diaper. He strictly goes on the potty for number 2. We have one poppy diaper about once a month. During naps, he either wakes up to go to the bathroom and then goes back to sleep or holds it till when he wakes up. Most of the time he will not fall asleep if we do not take him do the bathroom before nap time or bedtime.

Yes he cannot talk yet but he has a certain cry/noise that he does when he has to go. And when we take him we just hold him on his potty or over the toilet (or on the grass). This saves us a lot of diapers and baby wipes! I have noticed that we practically do not use baby wipes anymore because we are not constantly cleaning up messes. Most of the time I would just use one baby wipe to clean his bottom or even toilet paper or just warm water with soap. If we throw diapers away mostly it’s because they do not close from constant opening and closing. But he mostly wears cloth diapers that I made or real underwear. We put disposables on if we go out. But he really hates them and tries to pull them off. I used this very easy pattern to make wool diaper covers and put a pre-fold diaper inside. When it was colder he would wear wool pants that I made as well. I buy 100% cashmere sweaters from goodwill and cut them up and make these adorable (if I may say so) diaper covers. They are super soft, warm, natural, and don’t let water through.

As I mentioned before, Aurelius cannot walk yet, therefore he relies on us to take him to the bathroom; just as he relies on us for food and protection. He is a human being and we need to treat him with dignity and not let him sit in his waste. And in return he is a happy baby who is rarely fussy and so far hasn’t cried ‘just because’. We believe that a lot of the unknown crying happens because babies are just asking to go to the bathroom and are holding to the last minute. Or maybe we are imagining things. What do you guys think?

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Birthday Cake Smetanik


So I haven’t eaten any dairy for about 6 months and the past two weeks before my birthday I had the greatest craving for ‘smetanik’ or a sour cream cake. After a store bought one did not satisfy my cravings (because it tasted nothing like the real thing, creamy plastic on dry bread with sugar would have tasted better) I decide to make my own. I knew that ‘kolobok’ would suffer from it but it would be only for a little bit. I promise I will have just a little piece.  I found this Russian recipe online and proceeded to create my obsession. The recipe turned out very simple and easy to make -coming from someone who does not like baking and finds everything that has to do with dough or flour difficult. This is a quick cake to make; takes a little bit more work than brownies but tastes unbelievably superior. My only complaint about the recipe is WAY too much sugar! Next time –if there is a next time- I will put one third of sugar into the cream. This cake is NOT dairy-free for it has condensed milk, butter, and sour cream in it. When I’m done breastfeeding I will make this cake to celebrate!

100g Butter

2 eggs

1 can condensed milk

3/4 c flour

1-1.5 TBSP cacao powder

1 tsp baking soda

1tsp vinegar

700-800 g sour cream

3 c sugar (use less)


Melt butter in a double boiler (or use a microwave if you have/use one). In a mixing bowl beat eggs by hand or on slow speed in mixer. Add butter to the eggs slowly while mixing and mix till it’s a single consistency. Then add the condense milk and mix well. React baking soda with vinegar and add it to the mix. Mix in flour adding little at a time. Preheat oven to 350F, butter a cake pan, and pour half of the batter in to it. Put it in the oven and let bake for 15-20 min or until toothpick comes out clean. Meanwhile add cacao powder to remaining batter and mix throughout. Take out the first layer and let cool. Butter the pan again and pour in the chocolate batter. Bake as previous piece. When it will be done take it out and let cool. While it’s baking you can start making the cream. Pour the sour cream into a mixing bowl, add sugar to it and start mixing till sugar dissolves. When the two cakes have cooled cut of the edge and crumble it and set aside. You will use this to decorate the cake. Slice the two cakes in half so you have 4 layers of cake. Place the first half on a plate and cover with the sour cream and poke holes in the cake to help the cream absorb into the cake. Add a different color cake and spread cream in it, then the third and spread cream in it as well and the last and spread cream on it. Decorate the cake with the crumbs and refrigerate 6-8 hours or overnight.

Tip: When I attempted this cake twice with regular Daisy brand sour cream it would spill off the sides of my cake. If I attempted to dump all of the cream on the cake as the recipe calls for my cake would be swimming in a 5 foot pool of sour cream. This would also result in a huge mess. So I just always had a lot of sour cream left over and the cake tasted dry. My belle-soeur informed me that sour cream in Russia is way thicker for some reason and if I substitute 1/3 (maybe more) of the sour cream for cream cheese then it would hold together and I could get more into the cake and it would absorb better. I have not tried this yet but am planning on when I make this cake again. If you try it let me know what works for you.