A Sundry Post of Life

I have not cooked creatively for the past month (as you can tell from the lack of recipe posts) and need to start back up again. But I have been engaged in creative ‘other’ things so I can’t say I have been slaking off. Therefore here are some insights into what we have been up to…


Running: I started running back up in April and have been at it religiously since. I run 2-5 times a week 2.3 miles each run with an average pace 9:50-10:20. I would like to run a longer distance at a time but for some reason seam stuck at my currant distance. I am running with a baby and stroller and it has been very humid/hot lately (my excuses for not reaching my goal of 5 miles). But does anyone have any tips of what I can do to improve and reach my goal? What time of day is best for a run; morning afternoon or evening? I usually run in the morning before 9am but occasionally in the afternoon around 2-3 pm. I have noticed that I have more endurance later on in the day verses in the morning and it is less humid in the afternoon. But morning runs help me start out my day. To eat or not to eat before/after run, how much and what? With music or not? I use an app called Podrunner and its just beats that help me stay motivated and I have noticed that the faster the beat the faster I run. But sometimes I also enjoy running without anything and just listen o the birds and my baby. Any other helpful tips?

Sprouts: We are growing our own sprouts! I have wanted to do this for some time and finally Sashenka urged me to start after reading this article of how sprouts improve eye sight.


My eye sight has been failing and Sashenka is on the verge of forbidding me to use my smart phone because I read only from my phone. I blame it on pregnancy, he says it’s from me reading in the dark off my phone. I read everything off my phone from Bible reading to recipes to health articles. A solution would be is to get a reader. But that is not appealing to me because it means I will not be able to buy physical books and I have an attachment to physical books. Nor is it practical buying two copies, one digital and one physical. Anyways, back to sprouts. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are super tasty. In general I love sprouts but from the grocery store you are very limited between alfalfa, broccoli, maybe mung bean and pea shoots plus they can get pricey. We bought seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs for Radish, Crimson Clover, Buckwheat, Brown Mustard, Broccoli, and Alfalfa. We are growing them in mason jars with a screen on top. We start a jar a day to have a continual supply (but I think we will need to start three jars every two days). To grow them you just soak the seeds in water for 4-8 hrs to germinate them and then drain on the first day. Then rinse twice a day with fresh water to water them. Make sure they get air circulation so they don’t get moldy but do not blow on them because that introduces bacteria from your mouth into the jar. They do not need a lot of sun so a kitchen counter is more than enough. If they are on the paler side, I would put them on the window sill for couple of hours after they are done growing but before I eat them. You can store them in the refrigerator for one maybe two weeks but our sprouts never make it to the fridge; we eat them before they do. If you Google ‘sprouts’ you will get a ton of info but if you have any questions I would be glad to answer from our experience and research.


Clockwise: Sunscreen, Eye cream, Magnesium Body Butter, Solid Perfume.

Personal care products: Here is a quick story: “They were in the local Wal-Mart and she reluctantly found the sunscreen shelf. It was the second day they were at the beach and they had a whole week ahead of them. She was seven weeks pregnant and feeling great! The only problem was that everyone was pressuring for her to use sunscreen and stating she was going to burn up and feel miserable. Part of her knew they were right but the other part could not agree to put toxic chemicals on her body that she knew would absorb into her skin and be passed to her baby. Her husband and best friend, supported her but did not know how to help her. So there she stood trying to pick the lesser evil of the many choices. She knew how bad they all were even the ones labeled ‘natural’. This was before she read this and this article. All she had back at the hotel was coconut oil that she had planned on using as sunscreen but was afraid it would not be enough. She did not want to be the ‘natural miserable one who burned up’…” That was me last summer at the beach with a group of friends. So this year I found this article and made my own sunscreen. And while I was at it I made my own bug repellent, toothpaste, eye cream, magnesium body butter, magnesium oil, and solid perfume. Whew! Told you I was busy! I’m excited because my eye cream turned out great! I used lanolin, wheat germ oil, natural vitamin E, and bees wax. Bug repellent smells so superior then store bought and is not toxic at all with 20 drops EO Lavender, 20 drops EO peppermint, 20 drops EO Rosemary, and 1 TBSP Coconut oil. The toothpaste I was not thrilled about and will try to improve it to share a recipe in a different post. The sunscreen is amazing, it works, and I absolutely love it so follow the link to make your own! Also magnesium on skin to help you sleep better – works! I put some magnesium butter on mine and Sashenka’s feet and we slept like the dead. The solid perfume …um so-so. I like the idea of a solid perfume but after spending money on the essential oils I was not thrilled with the aroma. Maybe it would be great just with a different combination of oils. But this is something that I am not going to venture into for now because the art of perfume making is so extensive and expensive that (for now at least) I’m not going to dive into it. I still want a perfume that I love and does not smell like you local health and herb store. Also that it would naturally be made from essential oils and not chemicals, so hopefully I will be able to find something soon. And will tell you about it.

Elimination Communication: While I’m at ‘updates’ I might as well write about how EC is coming along. AMAZING! I am extremely glad that we started and did EC with our first baby and now we will defiantly do it with every single baby following, God willing. Aurelius is 9 months and asks to go to the bathroom every time. He sleeps threw the night dry with waking up to go to the bathroom once. We do not have poppy diapers. Sometimes we will have a wet diaper but 98% of the time it will be our fault because he would ask and we either are too busy or just didn’t pay attention. I would recommend that everyone should at least give EC a try. It is not as hard as it seems!


7 month EC update


7 months update on EC: I know that there is a huge gap between my last update and know but I did write more than 3 page essay for a five month update but I did not save it before publishing and it was lost. I was very frustrated but that’s life and things happen. So here is the 7 months update on EC…

When is a child considered potty trained? One person online said “A child is considered FULLY potty trained when there are NO accidents during the day”. Some people consider being potty trained when a child asks to go to the potty before he makes an accident. And then there are others who say a child goes to the bathroom by himself when he needs to go. Well Aurelius is only 7 months and he can’t walk, so he can’t take himself to the bathroom but he does communicate that he needs to go and we also have whole days when he stays dry and even sleeps through the night dry. Thus, I do not know when we will pronounce him ‘potty trained’ but we don’t believe that is the main point for now.

We would generally have on and off days where, for example, he would be dry for two days straight and pee in his diaper on the third day or one wet diaper every two days. But the past three days he has been completely dry and out of four nights he had one wet diaper. He strictly goes on the potty for number 2. We have one poppy diaper about once a month. During naps, he either wakes up to go to the bathroom and then goes back to sleep or holds it till when he wakes up. Most of the time he will not fall asleep if we do not take him do the bathroom before nap time or bedtime.

Yes he cannot talk yet but he has a certain cry/noise that he does when he has to go. And when we take him we just hold him on his potty or over the toilet (or on the grass). This saves us a lot of diapers and baby wipes! I have noticed that we practically do not use baby wipes anymore because we are not constantly cleaning up messes. Most of the time I would just use one baby wipe to clean his bottom or even toilet paper or just warm water with soap. If we throw diapers away mostly it’s because they do not close from constant opening and closing. But he mostly wears cloth diapers that I made or real underwear. We put disposables on if we go out. But he really hates them and tries to pull them off. I used this very easy pattern to make wool diaper covers and put a pre-fold diaper inside. When it was colder he would wear wool pants that I made as well. I buy 100% cashmere sweaters from goodwill and cut them up and make these adorable (if I may say so) diaper covers. They are super soft, warm, natural, and don’t let water through.

As I mentioned before, Aurelius cannot walk yet, therefore he relies on us to take him to the bathroom; just as he relies on us for food and protection. He is a human being and we need to treat him with dignity and not let him sit in his waste. And in return he is a happy baby who is rarely fussy and so far hasn’t cried ‘just because’. We believe that a lot of the unknown crying happens because babies are just asking to go to the bathroom and are holding to the last minute. Or maybe we are imagining things. What do you guys think?

collage wool pantscollage

Two month update on EC

Aurelius Christmas 2012

Aurelius is two and a half months old and we have been practicing Elimination Communication (EC) with him. Of course people, who know us, now think we have officially lost it! 🙂 I do not blame them. I didn’t believe that this actually works until I tried it! A two month old CAN control his pee and poo!

For those that are lost at what EC is this one and this one and this one are all great posts that explain what it is. And you can find a lot more if you Google ‘Elimination Communication’.

At the end of my pregnancy I was looking into different diapering options and ran into EC. I was intrigued but though it would be the hardest thing to do. Constantly holding your baby over the toilet and begging them to pee or poop. I was determined to try it but didn’t think that I would have enough patients to do it. After Aurelius was born I again googled at what age you can start and a lot of people recommend from birth. So the first time that we held him over the potty was when he was ten days old. And that was the start of our journey.

Since then we had good days where very few diapers were used and not so good days where only diapers were used. But it is always a thrill to catch a poo or a pee. (Yes I’m excited about a baby pooping 🙂 ) Our record has been three days with no poopy diaper – all in the potty. We have more success when we stay home. It is a lot harder when we are out. I guess a lot has to do with the fact that it’s so cold and I hate going into public bathrooms with him. I rather change his diaper in the car or in his bassinet. I so can’t wait till its summer he defiantly will be without diapers outside. Also we have a harder time catching his pees then poops. Any advice from anyone who has mastered this?

That said, this is our two month EC update. And the latest news is that Aurelius used the potty twice for #2 this morning! So far a good start for today’s day.