My Two Week Juice Fast

Beet Juice Today is my last day of a two week juice fast. Two weeks not eating anything but just drinking water, herbal tea, and veggie juices (OK I will admit I did do some fruit juices) oh and coconut water from fresh young coconuts! It was an interesting experience.  Totally different from the first time I did a juice fast. But the first time it was more of a juice feast than fast. I am thankful that I had this opportunity to do a juice fast for two weeks. If it were not for Sashenka then I would have never completed it successfully. He encouraged and motivated me (also worried for me, made juices, took care of our toddler, gave me a massage, etc…!!!) A huge thank you!!! I’m not going to say that it was supper easy. But I’m not going to moan and groan about how horrible it was either. I’m just going to talk about some things that were different from what I expected when compared to the first time I did this. And of course a juice recipe at the end.

  • The first time around, the first three days were exhausting. I felt like a drug addict with a headache and absolutely no energy. This time, my first three days were not as extreme. Yes, I felt a little bit week and hungry but not as bad as the first time. I was surprised that I could actually function normally; and this all on only 3 juices a day. Where, compared to the initial feast, I did ten juices a day.
  • Cravings. The past two weeks I did not know what that word meant! I did not have a single craving for anything. Sure I had an appetite when I saw or smelled food, but I was under control and calm. My first experiment with juicing was an enslaving dance with cravings. I craved burgers to chocolate. Even things I normally do not like. But I was pleasantly surprised that this juice fast did not torment me at all with cravings. I did not mind a green salad with sprouts and an avocado but it was not a possessive kind of ‘want’. Just a ‘sure would not mind’ – kind of thing.
  • The past two weeks were very smooth. No roller coaster like the first time – low on energy and then a high of energy.
  • This time around I did not cheat by drinking V8 – the first time I had two cans of it.
  • I still cooked for our toddler and Sashenka. Where last time I could not be under the same roof of a building with food that is cooking. During the first fast Sashenka ate on our balcony because I could not tolerate the smell. But this time around, I cooked most meals for both of them and even made cinnamon rolls today and veggie burgers for a cookout on our street!
  • I enjoyed the juices exceedingly more the past two weeks then on the initial juice feast. And had the inspiration to get creative with them.


And speaking of tasty juice recipes…

…. The star that is pictured consists of…

1 Sweet Potato

1 Beet

2-3 Carrots

Juice root veggies with skins on and enjoy!

This juice is very filling, sweet, and beautiful!



Coconut Oil Scrub



Happy New Year!

Today I woke up with rather dry skin. I wanted to wash my face but knew that even if I use plain water it would feel even dryer. Usually I do not have dry skin and lately love the way it feels. So I do not have a long routine of doing things to may face like I used to. Over the past three years I learned that what you put in your body will show up on your face/skin. Thus I have focused on a healthy diet versus a rigorous skin care routine. I have learned that the less I torture my skin with chemicals the better it will look. So far this has worked for me and I hope it will continue to stay this way. Back to dry-skin-this-morning: I did not want to put just the coconut oil on my face and wanted some kind or scrub that would not dry my face up even more. I know a lot of people use sugar and coconut oil as a scrub. But that would have been too tough for my face. Coconut oil and sugar are amazing as a body scrub in a hot steamy shower!!! But sugar feels too harsh on my face. So I Goggled ‘coconut oil scrub’ and found that you can use backing soda. Baking soda is a lot softer and worked great! I mixed a teaspoon of melted coconut oil with backing soda to a pasty like consistency. Then gently rubbed my face with it and washed it off with warm water. The oil did not wash off all the way so I just massage it into the skin. Make sure to wash all of the baking soda off so it won’t burn or irritate your skin.

Overall, I did not like the feeling of backing soda on my skin and it stings a little. Maybe next time I will try arrowroot powder instead. But my skin did feel soft and moisturized with the oil. I absolutely love coconut oil!

Two month update on EC

Aurelius Christmas 2012

Aurelius is two and a half months old and we have been practicing Elimination Communication (EC) with him. Of course people, who know us, now think we have officially lost it! 🙂 I do not blame them. I didn’t believe that this actually works until I tried it! A two month old CAN control his pee and poo!

For those that are lost at what EC is this one and this one and this one are all great posts that explain what it is. And you can find a lot more if you Google ‘Elimination Communication’.

At the end of my pregnancy I was looking into different diapering options and ran into EC. I was intrigued but though it would be the hardest thing to do. Constantly holding your baby over the toilet and begging them to pee or poop. I was determined to try it but didn’t think that I would have enough patients to do it. After Aurelius was born I again googled at what age you can start and a lot of people recommend from birth. So the first time that we held him over the potty was when he was ten days old. And that was the start of our journey.

Since then we had good days where very few diapers were used and not so good days where only diapers were used. But it is always a thrill to catch a poo or a pee. (Yes I’m excited about a baby pooping 🙂 ) Our record has been three days with no poopy diaper – all in the potty. We have more success when we stay home. It is a lot harder when we are out. I guess a lot has to do with the fact that it’s so cold and I hate going into public bathrooms with him. I rather change his diaper in the car or in his bassinet. I so can’t wait till its summer he defiantly will be without diapers outside. Also we have a harder time catching his pees then poops. Any advice from anyone who has mastered this?

That said, this is our two month EC update. And the latest news is that Aurelius used the potty twice for #2 this morning! So far a good start for today’s day.

Documentary about vaccines


This is a very interesting documentary about vaccines. What I like about this documentary is it’s rational thinking and open-mindedness. It shows both sides of the debate for people. It argues for letting parents make a decision on their own. A phrase that is repeated multiple times in the movie is “Give us the science and give us the choice”.

Since we now have the responsibility of a new life this is very relevant to us.

If you see this documentary, let me know what you think. And one more question for the day: Would you/did you vaccinate your child?



One reason why doctors know little about vitamins and nutrition.

Ever wonder why your doctor knows so little about vitamins and is always ready to dive you some type of drug?

Here is an article explaining why: Public Library Censors Nutritional Research: U.S. National Library of Medicine is Biased and Taxpayers Pay for It

Very interesting article how the Medical Journal Database that we pay for with our tax money is censored.

Home births, Midwives, Hospitals

Random birth resources that helped us.

These two movies are very interesting and informative to watch for anyone who is pregnant. They helped us make our decision on home birth. In my opinion, both movies are open minded and help people see the other side that is mostly hidden.

You can probably find these movies on YouTube.

Earlier in our research about conventional vs. alternative medicine I stumbled on the article, Death by Medicine. It opened my eyes to what goes on in hospitals. I realized that a lot of malpractice happens because we as patients allow this to happen. We let conventional medicine get away with unnecessary deaths party because we do not ask questions and blindly believe everything we are told.

But anyways back to birth and pregnancy. . .

Another resource that I enjoyed while pregnant was Dr. Andrew Saul’s Pregnancy and Lactation. Except I do not think that the book that he mentions about brestfreeding is a good book. It is saturated with the idea of building a child centered home starting with breast feeding.

Baby Wise, on the other hand, is a better alternative. I enjoy the fact that in this book the main idea is that a husband and wife are an established family and a baby enters the family. Not – a family is created when a baby is born. It is also written from a Christian world view of children. Not like the previous book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which feels like it is written from a Marxist point of view.

Of course there were a lot of other resources that have influenced our decisions. From numerous other books and articles to personal testimonies of people around us on both home and hospital births that I hope t share later. These are just a few off the top of my head.

If you have any interesting information about home births please share in the comments below!