Our finished kitchen!

Well almost…

We just need to buy a table and paint the laundry doors.

But other then those two things we are done! It took us about 1 1/2 months to complete and this was a 100% diy! From putting together the kitchen cabinets to making the bubble chandelier. Sashenka demolished everything and installed all of the tile. He painted and installed all of the lighting. He made the counter tops and installed them as well. It took a lot of hard work and patience but it finally paid off.

Some of my favorite things about this kitchen are:

1. The range hood! It sucks all hot air and odors outside! This prevents the kitchen from heating up and our house smelling with whatever we cooked that day. I absolutely love it! Along with the hood, I love all of the lighting in the kitchen.

2. Not technically part of the kitchen, the laundry closet. Sashenka made custom shelves wich add a ton of storage space.

3. I LOVE our floors! Everything about them, the color, size, shape, and texture. They even have tiny sparkles in them that you can see at night when light is shining on it.

4. Maybe my favorite part of the design is our bubble chandelier! We made it ourselves after being inspired by this one. We had a lot of fun putting it together and it cost us ten times less.

5. We added a ‘pantry’ to our kitchen out of tall cabinets. Our previous kitchen was seriously lacking space and we came up with this solution for more space. Oh! and how can I forget the high gloss brilliantine white cabinets!

6. Glass! Glass! Glass! I love the glass backslash that Sashenka installed! The sharp rectangular tile and the bubble tile complement each other nicely!

7. I once heard that hardware are jewelry to a kitchen. I could not agree more! I love these shiny accessories.

8. Last but not least, my most favorite part (I think I’v said that before), are the concert counter-tops. They are durable but not bulky. We wanted them to be thin but had to make sure they would not brake. Thus we used fiberglass reinforced concrete.  I love the sleek look that it adds to the whole kitchen!

This is how the kitchen looked before: