Baby Room

Couple months back Sashenka painted an elephant in the nursery. I found some pictures of elephants that I liked and envisioned one big one on a wall in the nursery. At first we thought we would find a vinyl sticker of an elephant. But though luck, no one makes them that size and to custom order it would be to expensive. So Sashenka said that he would paint one. I knew he could because he is so talented at everything he sets his mind to, but I did not imagine him to paint it that quickly. The whole elephant took him from start to finish under 30 minutes. 28 minutes to be exact! He did not even sketch the elephant first. Just painter’s tape and a roller and paint. First he taped out the elephant’s shape and then just rolled it in with paint. And it turned out perfect from first try! I absolutely love the elephant!

Since we moved into our new house in January, we have been doing a lot of projects trying to fix it up. I will try to post some of our projects that we have done in the next couple of days. Our biggest one that we are in the middle of is renovating our kitchen. Hopefully today we will get our sink hooked up! Stay tuned…